23rd Anniversary Rare Air VW Car Show and Swap Meet

Sat Oct 19th 2019

PRE-REGISTER ONLINE NOW! -> http://rareairvw.com/register 23rd Annual Rare Air Emerald Coast VW Club's Car Show and Swap Meet Gates Open at 8am, Show concludes at or Around 3 or 4pm, Free Entry for Spectators . Located at 5 Flags Speedway 7451 Pine Forest Rd, Pensacola, Florida 24 Classes, Fully Judged ,Trophies Awarded for 1st,2nd, 3rd Places Best of Show,Best Paint, Best Interior, Best Engine, Best Display, Furthest Distance Driven Rain or Shine, Primitive Camping Available at Show site on Friday Oct. 19th, maybe a VW Cruise on Friday afternoon, too! Mega Huge Swap Meet and over 112+ Show Cars Last Year Kids Corner, Raffles, 50/50, Family Atmosphere! Dogs welcomed if you bag their business. Will post more details as the Event gets closer. www.rareairvw.com for more info.

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Show Information

Please see below for details.
All information is subject to change without notice.
Last Modified: Oct 22nd, 2018 @ 1:02AM

Show Classes

1. Bug - Stock (Early) Up to 1967

2. Bug - Stock (Late) 1968 and Up - Standard Only

3. Bug - Custom - Up to 1979

4. Bug - Convertible - All years

5. Camper All Years - Stock or Custom - Air or Water

6. Ghia - Stock

7. Ghia - Custom

8. Ghia - Convertible

9. Daily Driver - Stock - All Years - Air Cooled

10. Daily Driver - Custom - All Years - Air Cooled

11. Rat Rod - All Years - All Types

12. Type 2 - Stock (Early) Up to 1967

13. Type 2 - Stock (Late) 1968 and Up

14. Type 2 - Custom - All Years

15. Type 3 & 4

16. Type 181 (Thing)

17. Dune Buggy

18. Rail Buggy

19. New Beetle - Stock and Custom

20. Water-Cooled - Stock

21. Water-Cooled - Custom

22. Special Interest - Trikes/Kits VW Based

23. In Progress (Almost finished, 50 to 80% complete)

24. Air Cooled Other than VW (914, Corvairs, etc)

Show Results

If you haven't seen the 10-20-2018 show results already, you may do so at the following link.  CLICK HERE!

Registration Packages

  • PRE-Registration - $25.00

    Includes show registration, dash plaque and goody bags to the first 75 registrations! 

    ***A $10 discount offered on a show t-shirt (1 per vehicle registration) but you must purchase show t-shirt at same time as pre-registration, discount cannot be applied later.

To get the dates for pre-registration, and the Day of Show registration times, please visit our SHOW RULES page.

The show goes on rain or shine!

Show Schedule

All locations can be found on the maps on this page.

This page is updated frequently, please check back often.
Schedule is subject to change without notice.

  • 8 AM: Gates open for vendors.  Show registration/check-in booth opens.
  • 12 PM National Anthem
  • 12 PM Car Registration Closes (line is closed to new entries)
  • 12 PM Show officially begins!
  • 12 PM Vehicle Judging Begins
  • 3:30 PM Awards/Trophies
  • 4 PM Car show Closes


Click map for full size

Enjoy Our Show!

We want you to come down and have great time with other like-minded VW enthusiasts. This is a Family Safe event unlike any auto show ever held in this area. If you are a VW fan, it will be a major error to miss this. The entire VW crowd will be talking about this event, so if you're in town, don't miss it. 

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